Lucrative deals flooding into the Western Cape

Western Cape businesses are making waves across the ocean.

Wesgro – the province’s official tourism‚ trade and investment agency – has announced that a series of trips undertaken to showcase Cape businesses has secured 13 international export deals that will see over R2-billion flow into the Western Cape economy over the next five years.

The deals were secured in the second quarter of the 2017/18 financial year during nine outbound trade missions and five inward buying missions that were facilitated by Wesgro. Almost 90 local companies were involved.

The new deals are expected to create 296 jobs‚ Wesgro said in a statement.

“Generating over R2-billion in export agreements is a great achievement in such challenging economic times and shows that the Cape economy remains strong‚” said CEO Tim Harris.

The trade team visited countries in Africa‚ Asia and Europe to promote the export of goods and services from the Western Cape. Several were aimed at advancing the export of Halal products.

Western Cape MEC of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde congratulated the team for its “phenomenal results during a challenging time”.

  • Decelles is on an SIT Study Abroad programme. She wrote this story in association with Round Earth Media

Fuente: TIMES

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